you don't actually know yourself like you think

I have recently had the realization that I don’t know myself as well as I can, and I don’t think you do either.

I actually really appreciate this realization, and here’s why.

My brother Austin and I were at a coffee shop Sunday afternoon having what we call our “Sunday Reset”

Basically, every Sunday we have a big personal journaling session reflecting on ourselves and planning out the next week.

I highly recommend doing this if you feel kind of lost with yourself.

While we were independently journaling right in front of each other, I realized that we were both literally doing the same thing.

We were both playing a unique digital edition of our deep conversation card game; “Think & Grow”.

We no longer sell this edition anymore, but I will share with you the most impactful questions later on because it’s so good for personal growth.


We were literally playing a “deep conversation card game” with ourselves in our journals while sitting right in front of each other lol.

I noticed this and said to him, “bro, what are we doing? Let’s play this with each other like it’s meant to be played.”

We took out our AirPods and began to ask each other questions from the game that we felt were most beneficial in the moment.

“Introduce yourself without saying your name, where you are from, or what you do.”

That is the first question that we asked each other.

I love this question because it makes you think about yourself in ways that you never have.

You can’t say the 3 things that you always say when introducing yourself, so it’s kind of amazing.

It’s funny because I was trying to force an answer that sounded intelligent and insightful about myself, but one simple sentence kept playing in my head.

“I am a guy who loves dogs and personal growth.”

This is literally the sentence that I kept trying to change in my head but didn’t since it kept replaying.

Idk man. I guess I just really love dogs (I do fr)

I went on to write a whole paragraph on who I am based on the context of the question.

It felt very introspective and I learned that I’m still learning to deeply love myself.

But I lied to you (on accident)

This is the question that I answered in my journal before Austin and I started to play the game with each other, so here’s the actual first question we answered.

“If your memory were to be erased and you could only keep 3 memories, which would they be?”

I love this question because it forces you to think so deeply and recall your favorite memories.

This question literally boosted the serotonin levels in my body because of all of the great memories I was thinking about.

Austin told me that one of his that he would keep is when he first laid in a hammock with a girl that he just met.

For over 3 hours.

He asked a girl that he found pretty if he could help her set up a hammock.

She said yes of course, even though Austin didn’t know a single thing about setting up a hammock lol.

Once it was set up, he asked if he could lay with her, and she said yes.

A surprising yes in my opinion, but also so wholesome.

They ended up having a deep conversation for hours while the guys and I filmed content for AcheiveYou.

The rest is history.

The first memory that I said I would keep was the last conversation that I had with my ex girlfriend.

We were together for over 4 years, and in August of last year we broke up.

The few months after that were very hard. I won’t lie to you my heart was actually broken.

I didn’t know that you could feel your heart ache because of emotional damage.

It was a difficult few months after but also an enlightening few months. 

I learned a lot about myself, started to love myself, and grew spiritually. 

Although, I still had a lack of closure because of how abruptly we ended.

She came back into town to get the rest of her stuff from my house, and I decided that I wanted to have a final talk with her downtown.

The same place we had a talk 2 years before when we broke up and got back together.

Only this time, I knew we weren’t getting back together, so it was for pure closure of our chapter.

We talked for hours until 2 in the morning at a secluded bench overlooking the water.

This is a memory I would keep because I have never felt something so liberating.

It felt like the Universe did me a favor that I didn’t know I needed.

My other 2 memories that I thought of were when the boys and I went to the beach together at midnight.

There were 7 of us who went to the beach and laid on top of a lifeguard tower looking at the stars and having deep conversations.

This night feels so warm to look back on because of how spontaneous, random, and wholesome the experience was.

The last memory I said was kind of cheating the question, but it’s my 3rd answer.

I would keep the feeling of growing up with my best friend, Roman, of over 10 years.

Roman, my brothers, and I all grew up as best friends together.

We would play football every single day and have sleepovers and boat days with my family every single week.

He was our only best friend for pretty much our entire childhood life, but that’s why I appreciate it so much. 

Now, we are all growing entrepreneurs, and I am so proud of us.

I say that this feels like cheating the question because it’s nothing specific about growing up together.

It’s more so the feeling I feel when thinking about the whole scope of growing up together.

All of these memories have something in common, though.

I am not alone in any of them.

I am with people that I deeply care about.

This made me realize that I value good conversations and deep connections more than I realize.

I usually like to seclude myself and work on meaningful projects, so this came as a surprise to me.

However, I do think that the best memories are made with other people, whether you value deep connection highly or not.

Also, they all include something about the beach, sunset, or water in general, so I clearly hold sentiment to those kinds of things.

I love realizing things like this about myself, and I challenge you to do the same.

Here are a few questions that bring out deep insights about yourself:
  • “If 85 year old you were to wake up in your body today, what would they notice?”
  • “What’s been feeling right?” then, “What’s been feeling off?”
  • “What is something super simple you could do that would make your life better?”
  • And the 2 that I mentioned earlier of course.

Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly to reveal parts of you that never come to life.

We are actually in the process of creating a guided journal to answer over 60 questions just like these to develop a deep connection with yourself.

(this newsletter is the place that you will hear about it)

But, it’s still in the process of being created, so for now you should grab a blank journal and write out these questions to answer.

Be super honest and vulnerable with yourself.

Also, our OG deep conversation card game is also amazing to use to ask yourself deep, insightful questions.

I personally use the questions in the game to learn more about myself and let go of feelings that I hold inside.

I journal with them just like I told you to do with the questions I have shared with you.

If you like to have really good conversations with others, you will love it. I promise.

Go here to take a look at it and find out if it’s something you think will love. (you will)

Thank you for reading today’s letter. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

I hope you have the best day, and remember

Every day is beautiful

- Brandon

P.s. give yourself the permission to do more of the things that you genuinely enjoy doing. You deserve it.